Meet the AI chatbot that writes your job applications. Writing a cover letter, tailoring a resume and applying for a job has never been easier!

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Jobxai uses cutting edge algorithms and machine learning to create your job applications

About Jobxai

Jobxai is your friendly Artificial Intelligence-powered assistant, ready to help you generate professional, personalised resumes and cover letters so you don't have to stress out about job applications.

Interacting with Jobxai is as simple as a having short chat. Jobxai will do all the tedious work of analyzing what's best to include in your cover letter and resume with the support of industry wide insights and big data analysis.

As Jobxai is powered by Machine Learning, the more you chat with Jobxai, the smarter and more effective it becomes. Ultimately, Jobxai improves your chances of being hired.

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Artificial Intelligence

From dynamic cover letter writing, to intelligent personalisation, Jobxai's AI gives you a truely unfair advantage.


Chat with Jobxai to create full, personalised job applications in seconds.


Personalize your application via Jobxai's in-chat experience, or visit your dashboard to make changes of your own!

Machine Learning

Let Jobxai's AI do the work for you, as it learns from every application created across every industry.

How It Works

Jobxai will ask you necessary the questions to generate a personalized cover letter. Jobxai's industry insights will give you the edge.

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Jobxai will help you land your dream job! And during Beta you can chat for free anytime! So what are you waiting for!

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